Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19, our team has implemented a higher level of cleanliness and safety to keep our clients safe.

About Our Company

Our goal is to provide a service that allows family members to travel without worries.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced. We send our clients with Registered Nurses and a travel companion to ensure the highest level of care.

At Flight Nurse & Companions, our Registered Nurses will go to our client’s home and help them prepare for the trip. We take care of all transportation from the home to the airport for departure and the destination transportation.

We send two members of our team to handle all of our client’s needs. Our staff will take care of the luggage and tickets to relieve our clients of any worries during traveling. Our Registered Nurses manage all ailments through the duration of traveling.

All of our team members are CPR/BLS and AED certified by the American Red Cross Association and experienced in emergency situations.

The clients overall care and safety is our top priority. To help with any worries we provide family members with updates throughout our travel. Our team members provide our clients with assistance for cleanliness with bathroom assistance and all situations of possible contamination. We understand that during these uncertain times, it is our utmost responsibility to keep our clients safe. Our team members are fully equip with sanitizer and Clorox wipes.

We assist with all meals and any activities of daily living needed. Once our clients are in our care, we take full responsibility for them until they are safely at their destination.

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Safety Is our Priority

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